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The Montrose Group like the rest of the world is focused on COVID 19, is supportive of tough decisions by public officials to limit the spread of the virus, praying for the safety of first responders and health care staff treating patients all with an eye on how we adopt public policy and economic development strategies that prepare for a post-COVID 19 revival.  To centralize not just information but help economic development organizations and company’s recover from COVID 19, the Montrose Group created the Montrose Group COVID 19 Business Survival Guide Center.

Montrose Group COVID 19 Business Survival Guide

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The Montrose Group COVID 19 Business Survival Services

The Montrose Group serves companies and communities efforts to thrive during COVID 19.

Supply Chain Development.  The Montrose Group assists companies developing or shifting their supply chain to domestic locations through the adoption of site development strategies and tax incentive negotiations to support the growth and success of a company’s supply chain locating in closer proximity to customers.

Tax Incentives.  The Montrose Group assists companies expanding, consolidating or closing facilities in the current environment to negotiate additional tax incentives or renegotiate existing tax incentives if COVID 19 had negatively impacted the company’s growth plans.

Economic Stimulus Funding Advocacy. The Montrose Group represents public and private sector clients seeking local, state and federal government funding to address the current COVID 19 challenges including developing funding requests from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, U.S. Community Development Block Grant Program, U.S.D.A. Broadband and Rural Development Programs and other funding sources from state and federal government COVID 19 stimulus programs.

Workforce Development Programs.  The Montrose Group assists companies and communities to develop tailored workforce development programs to transform the unemployment crisis created by COVID 19 into an asset by creating state sanctioned SharedWork programs, regional skills gap, workforce development, wage and benefits and financing strategies to build a regional workforce partnership.

Small Business Finance CounselingThe Montrose Group is helping companies outsource COVID 19 created financing needs through services that include business plan development, company financials analysis, financial needs analysis, identification of financing options, development of financing applications and advocacy for financing requests.