Economic Development Planning Services

We Are Economic Developers

Future-focused communities turn to the Montrose Group for economic development planning services and advisory services. Montrose Group works with economic development groups, state and local governments, universities, hospitals, and private-sector companies to draft economic development plans that attract high-wage jobs.

Contact Ryan Scribner with any economic development planning questions.

We use a data-driven economic development planning model:

Step 1: Research

We get to know a community or site by researching their economics, demographics, cost of doing business, labor, industry cluster, and market assets.

Step 2: Listening

Next, we listen to what a community or site wants to become through town hall and private briefings, and community surveys.

Step 3: Action Steps

Finally, we develop specific action steps around land use, workforce, infrastructure, tax, and quality of life initiatives that can transform a community from what they are to what they want to become.

Montrose Group provides the following economic development planning services:

Broadband Plans

Michigan Smart Zone Economic Development Strategies

Comprehensive Strategic Economic Development Plans

Ohio Transformational Mixed Used Development Studies

Downtown Redevelopment District Historic Preservation Plans

Placemaking Studies

Economic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Studies

Site Development and Certification Studies

Economic Impact Studies

U.S. EDA Technology Incubator Feasibility Studies

Housing Studies

U.S. EDA Travel, Tourism & Recreation Studies

Business Attraction & Industry Cluster Analyses

Utility Economic Development Strategic Plans

Joint Economic Development District Studies

Workforce Development Studies

Economic Development Planning Clients

Montrose Group has provided economic development planning services to wide range of clients, including Fortune 100 utilities, major health care systems, large regional economic development organizations, major arts organizations, urban, suburban, and rural communities.