• Wyoming Business Ready Community Grant and Loan Program provides financing for publicly owned infrastructure that serves the needs of business and promotes economic development within Wyoming communities, cities, town, counties, and joint power boards as well as Indian tribes are eligible to apply for funding stimulating growth at the local level, eligible grant and loan activities include infrastructure for water, sewer, streets, telecommunications, airports, rights of way, land, industrial parks, education and workforce training facilities, and other costs, and the typical maximum award is around $3 M.
  • Managed Data Center Cost Reduction Grant is a part of the Business Ready Community Grant and Loan Program whose primary purpose is to incentive growth and expansion of data centers, the program reimburses data centers for broadband and electrical costs, and, while the maximum grant award is $2.25 M over a three-year period, the actual amount is based upon minimum match required and the wage paid to employees by the operator.
  • Manufacturing sales tax exemptions, data center sales tax exemptions (for centers with $5 M investment in capital infrastructure, $2 M in center equipment purchases or at $50 M in capital infrastructure, HVAC).