Montrose Development Advisors & Montrose Group: Same Team, New Services

Communities and companies alike in a complex world with ever changing markets need consulting services that address complex economic development issues such as where to locate companies, how can communities position themselves to grow and how do both communities and companies gain the financing needed for economic development projects to happen. Montrose Development Advisors focused on client center solutions for economic development planning and corporate site location projects and has the extra benefit of the leadership of Montrose Development Advisors holding a Series 50 Certification as a Municipal Financial Advisor serving cities, counties, townships, port authorities, companies and developers on economic development financing projects. The leadership of Montrose Development Advisors is the same team that has been serving clients for nearly a decade at the Montrose Group but Montrose Development Advisors can provide a new array of public finance services not available at the Montrose Group. The Montrose Group will remain active primarily on lobbying matters before local, state and federal governments. Learn more about the Montrose Development Advisors at www.MontroseDevAdvisors.