Ohio Energy Policy and Economic Development


Deregulation and the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy match with a massive increase in energy-intensive corporate site location projects is creating economic development challenges across the United States. Utilities are struggling to keep up with electricity demand, regulators are challenged by the policies forcing substantial change in U.S. sources of energy, and Artificial Intelligence is driving data center demand to new heights. Please join the Montrose Group for the Energy Policy and Economic Development webinar on Tuesday, June 25th 2024, from 11:00 am to Noon Eastern Time to enjoy a discussion about the current challenges with energy supply, transmission, and distribution, how that challenge impacts economic development and corporate site location projects, and what public policy can be adopted to address this issue. The Montrose Group is a national economic development and lobbying firm that provides corporate site location, economic development advisory and planning, lobbying, and public-private-partnership creation to finance economic development projects.