Montrose Group and Transom Shields Group Promote Exports to China


The Montrose Group, LLC and Transom Shields Group, LLC are announcing an alliance to promote China exports.  The Montrose Group, LLC is a Columbus, Ohio based business consulting firm that provides business development, capital access, infrastructure finance, public policy advocacy, and research commercialization consulting services.  Transom Shields Group, LLC has offices in the U.S. and in Shanghai, China and specializes in China market entry, supply chain, and distribution consulting services across healthcare, research and industrial segments.

Montrose and Transom chose to focus on the China market due a major market shift benefiting American companies.  The Boston Consulting Group estimates American manufacturing costs are now within 5% of Chinese costs due to rising costs in Chinese production.  The Wall Street Journal reported China now has more millionaires than all nation’s but the U.S. but China’s restrictive money supply policy makes it challenging for money made in China to leave China.  Rising production costs and massive wealth accumulation prime China for American exports.

David J. Robinson serves as Principal of the Montrose Group, LLC, is a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, attorney at several Columbus law firms and economic development executive at Ameritech Ohio.  Mr. Robinson gained over $100,000,000 in economic incentives for public and private sector clients and recently Palgrave-MacMillan published his book, Economic Development from the State & Local Perspective.

Joe Dorrian specializes in China cross border initiatives and is co-founder of Transom Shields Group, LLC. Mr. Dorrian lived in China from 2000 – 2013 directing supply chain and commercial distribution for both General Electric Aircraft Engines and Thermo Fisher Scientific. He assisted clients with components in support of China based manufacturing in fabrications, castings, forged metals, mechanical and electrical controls including valves, fasteners, pumps, manifolds, motors, control panels, wire harness, circuit boards and chemicals.

“Ohio companies need to focus on exports to expand their economic opportunities.” Stated David J. Robinson, Principal of the Montrose Group, LLC. “Partnering with Joe Dorrian connects my Ohio based clients with a billion dollar market.”

  • Services provided by Montrose and Transom include:
  • Business Culture and Practices: What to Expect;
  • Macro & Segment Market Analysis;
  • Competitor Landscape;
  • Capital Access Strategies to Fund Export Activities;
  • China FDA Regulatory Guidelines;
  • Key Potential Customer Profiling;
  • Existing Manufacturer & Distributor Mapping;
  • Product Localization Strategies;
  • Supply Chain Modeling;
  • Development of Government Partnerships to Support Marketing Strategies;
  • Comprehensive Go-to-Market Proposals;
  • Sales, Marketing & Distribution in Preferred Product Categories; and
  • Development of Economic Development Incentives to Support Company Growth.

“China’s experiencing an industrial revolution but the market is primed for American exports,” stated Joe Dorrian. “Dave Robinson has a unique set of connections and relationships in the Ohio business community that provides an important link for Transom to serve a larger base of clients.”

The Montrose Group, LLC provides business consulting services throughout the United States, and Transom Shields Group, LLC provides China market entry, supply chain and distribution related export services.