The Montrose Group, LLC brings over twenty years of lobbying and project financing experience to the benefit of clients with complex public policy and funding challenges. David J. Robinson, the Founder and Principal of the Montrose Group, LLC, has a long track record of public affairs experience. Below are just a few case studies that illustrate the approach of the Montrose Group, LLC as well as comments from clients served by Montrose Group, LLC staff.

Education Policy Case Study

Faced with a challenging state  budget and policy agenda, Ohio’s largest education service center looked to the Montrose Group, LLC to lead their Statehouse public policy efforts

“Education policy and funding in tough budget times is a challenge. The Montrose Group, LLC has lived up to that challenge by positioning the Educational Services Center of Central Ohio with the policy makers that matter in Ohio. Dave Robinson provides the hands-on attention and leadership skills needed to face tough public policy issues.”
Tom Goodney, Deputy Superintendent and Chief of Staff, Educational Service Center of Central Ohio

Health Care Policy Case Study

Ohio’s fourth largest employer and largest hospital system hired David J. Robinson to assist in Statehouse advocacy issues.  Rather than merely opening a few doors in the General Assembly, Mr. Robinson helped build a larger corporate government relations program to create long term public policy success.

“Catholic Health Partner is Ohio’s fourth largest employer and the largest health system in the state. Dave Robinson has helped Catholic Health Partners create a comprehensive public policy strategy, develop public policy positions and advocate with legislators and executive agency staff. Dave Robinson’s experience not just as a lobbyist but as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives gives him unique insight into how policy makers think and what will sell in the Statehouse or the Congress.”
Jon Fishpaw, Vice President Government Relations, Catholic Health Partners

Congressional Advocacy Case Study

An alternative energy not for profit was looking for help in gaining federal stimulus dollars.  The Montrose Group, LLC worked not only to build support for the federal funding request but positioned the not-for-profit with business leaders and the Ohio Congressional Delegation around the entire state.

“Dave Robinson is top-notch and tireless communicator who helped us hone our message and get it through to all key players in government. He’s also a savvy strategist who was able to help us build support outside of Columbus and DC to magnify our impact.”
Sam Spofforth, Executive Director, Clean Fuels Ohio

Corporate Site Location Case Studies

Whether the business is a minority owned tech leader, an IT management consulting firm, manufacturing, start up airline, or others, David J. Robinson has found a way to serve them all by developing options as to where a company should locate as well as to working with communities to create economic development incentive programs if they don’t have any in operation.  The result has been millions of dollars in tax incentives but also the development of quality facilities for long term client success.

“As a start-up airline, Skybus faced a difficult road to raise the funds needed to begin operation. David Robinson lead the effort to negotiate $56 M in local and state economic development incentives that were a major part of turning our company into a reality. His professional approach and client focus produced great results.”
Ken Gile, former COO Skybus Airlines

 “Emerging businesses like 3SG need advocates with substance and contacts to fight for everything from government contracts to tax incentives. Dave Robinson and The Montrose Group, LLC understands how to work with small and emerging companies to position them against largest competitors with local and state government. He works to understand a company’s business, brings a strong knowledge of politics, government contracting process’, economic development incentives and the contacts needed to get deals done. In fact, Dave Robinson was even able to convince a city to create a brand new class of tax incentive just to recruit my business.”
Ranjan Manoranjan, President of 3SG

“The Montrose Group has been a valued business partner of ours for a number of years. With their help, our firm received tax-advantaged status for our personnel development and for the establishment of our headquarters location. In addition, their extensive business network has own. I appreciate their value, and the work that their Principal, David Robinson, has provided to us.”
Dave Schoettmer, President, Navigator Management Partners, LLC

Economic Development Program Case Study

David Robinson has worked with a range of private sector developers to make highly complex real estate and business transactions work by clear government’s regulatory hurdles and gaining millions of dollars in funding for Brownfield remediation, infrastructure and other aspects of a developers pro-forma that are essential to real estate project dreams becoming a reality.

“Campus Apartments is a national housing leader that operates across the U.S.. Dave Robinson successfully coordinated an impressive public-private partnership in Columbus that restored the classic Seneca Hotel to its true glory once again. Dave Robinson had the local and state government contacts and knowledge of tax incentives and Brownfield programs that produced the government funding essential for this complex housing project to succeed.”
David Adelman, President, Campus Apartments

“As a seasoned economic development professional, I have developed a knowledge base of Ohio programs and contacts that helps me do my job. However, I have found David Robinson possesses superior knowledge and insight on many programs, policies and key relationships. David is someone I want in my corner when it counts.”
Mike Jacoby, Executive Director, Zanesville-Muskingum County Port Authority

“Urban redevelopment is a complex and complicated business and the role of government in building a public-private partnership is essential. David Robinson has successfully built public-private partnerships by bringing the private sector developer together with economic development and government leaders to provide the financing needed to make Brownfield sites and other urban sites productive once again.”
Mark Wagenbrenner, President, Wagenbrenner Development Company

Technology Commercialization Case Study

David J. Robinson has helped public and private sector organizations build partnerships, write grant applications and gain the funds needed for high tech projects to succeed.  The Montrose Group, LLC was called upon by a long established manufacturer transitioning into the fuel cell marketplace to assist with the development of a quality Ohio Third Frontier application.  The result was a $1 M Third Frontier grant to the company.

“American Trim is transforming to include technology as a key strategy and competency to make Amtrim a more competitive manufacturer as well as provide the ability to enter new and emerging markets and diversify our revenue base. The Montrose Group, LLC is a part of that transformation. Dave Robinson provided valuable guidance and insight as he assisted an Ohio Third Frontier application for American Trim. Dave Robinson brings the knowledge of the Third Frontier Program as well as the contacts in Columbus organizations seeking technology based funding.”
Steve Hatkevich, Director of R&D, American Trim, LLC