Pittsburgh Corporate Site Location Economic and Market Highlights

Pittsburgh has transformed from a manufacturing job center to an advanced services economy as education and health services, financial activities, professional services and other services now dominate the region’s economy. But the Pittsburgh economy is not growing at the rate of its competitors as it struggles to maintain economic growth levels comparable with emerging southern, mid-sized communities. However, the Pittsburgh MSA remains the 25th largest MSA in the United States. Pittsburgh has a wide array of local and state taxes with high city taxes, but generally in line with competitors related to business taxes. The region has a low cost of living when comparing wages and rents, but has a high poverty rate and low median income. The region graduates 2,700 students a year in computer-related fields and has a higher than average rate of its populace with a bachelor’s degree or higher. However, population decline remains troubling as does a high-poverty rate, low median income and low labor participation rate.

Categories: ED Planning