Local, state and federal governments play a major role in the American economy. As former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, General Counsel for the Ohio Chamber, senior staff member for the Mayor of Columbus, and lobbyist for over 20 years, our Founder David J. Robinson is a national leader in government relations advocacy. David actively represents clients before the local, state and federal government.

Montrose Group, LLC’s Public Affairs Approach: Six Ps of Public Policy Advocacy

At the Montrose Group, LLC, we utilize the “Six Ps of Public Policy Advocacy” process to ensure client lobbying success.

  1. Planning. We develop a public policy advocacy plan based upon client goals and timelines.
  2. Policy. We establish a strong policy rationale for client goals that is appealing to public officials.
  3. Partners. We bring in important partners, such as trade associations, private- and public-sector leaders to support client policy goals.
  4. Profile. We build a positive profile for clients with the public and policymakers to ensure the client is seen in the most positive light possible.
  5. Politics. We know how to utilize the political process to position clients and ensure they make wise political investments within the bounds of campaign finance rules.
  6. Process. We understand the legislative and executive government process and how it can help or hurt client policy goals.

Montrose Group, LLC’s Public Affairs Experience

Our team provides local and Statehouse policy, budget, and regulatory advocacy on a range of topics. Some examples of our experience:

  • Education issues for a Statewide not-for-profit community school company; a major state four-year university; and Ohio’s largest educational service center
  • Energy issues for an Ohio-based alternative energy not for profit and a Fortune 500 electric utility
  • Environmental issues for small manufacturers and a major Ohio coal company
  • Gaming issues for a national and local gaming companies;
  • Health Care issues for Ohio’s largest hospital system and a Medicaid managed care company
  • Local Government issues for municipalities on Home Rule authority and public right of way
  • Pharmaceutical issues for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Telecommunications issues for a Fortune 100 telecommunication company and local governments
  • Technology issues for a state Edison Center and a private equity firm
  • Solid Waste issues for Ohio’s largest public solid waste district

Congressional advocacy on federal government legislative and regulatory advocacy for:

  • Project Funding for an Ohio solid waste district on project funding and flow control legislation; a major Central Ohio not for profit on alternative energy project funding
  • Multiple rural hospitals on project funding, and multiple municipalities on research park and infrastructure funding