The Montrose Group, LLC offers economic development planning services targeting the retention and attraction of jobs in energy, technology, advanced services, manufacturing, and global firms. We work with private corporations, local and state chambers of commerce, and trade associations to make sure any project achieves the highest possible success.

A few industries served by the Montrose Group LLC include:

  • Aerospace: Negotiated airline’s tax credits, direct loan, state grants, Airport grant and tax abatement
  • Financial Services: Negotiated financial services firm’s tax credit, abatement and tax increment financing
  • Energy: Negotiated alternative energy company’s state technology grants
  • Health Care: Negotiating a major economic development incentive deal for a major urban hospital
  • Housing: Negotiated downtown housing developer’s Brownfield grants and local government grants
  • Manufacturing & Logistics: Identified markets and negotiated for global steel processing, auto supply and other manufacturers tax credits, workforce, direct loan and grant incentives
  • Research & Development: Negotiated a global R & D firm’s annexation and tax credit incentives
  • Retail: Developing regional shopping mall developer’s tax abatement and tax increment financing